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Agreemount was founded with one purpose: to give you the time and space you need when dealing with your negotiations, through implementing e-negotiations with asynchronous communication.

By managing your negotiations through us, you’ll be able to respond in your own time, with fewer distractions from the high emotions, cultural differences or distance that might be part of your situation.

We believe e-negotiation can bring a more even playing field to group negotiations, regardless of which voices are naturally stronger. In all cases, we help people focus on the matter at hand and give them time to think before making an important decision.

Simple, modern, safe

To achieve our goal, we are adapting our data models to enable advanced negotiation technics. We utilize modern web technologies to make our interfaces easy to use and understand by each party in the negotiations.

We are building IT operations with high standards of privacy and security to deserve trust of negotiation parties.

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